LeBron James: to Hate or NOT to Hate

Oklahoma City Thunder added half a million fans over the weekend, All of A Sudden!!! lol Clearly majority of those people are purely LeBron haters who never want to see him win a ring. Why so much hate?? A yes, 2 years ago LeBron James left Cleveland in a very terrible way. He had every right to leave after giving all his heart for 7 years but the way he told his hometown Cleveland was not good. The man made a mistake. I think that’s what my fascination with him is. The man’s great but no where near perfect. He carries the name of a King yet has no crown. At the end of the day the hard path to greatness is always a more meaningful one than an easy path. I just hope to be a part and witness that some day, not just in basketball, I guess in Life? We’ll see but that’s another story for a different time.

Also for those who forget history so easily don’t forget it was a few greedy owners of the NBA that selfishly broke the hearts of an entire city, Seattle, and brought the Supersonics to Oklahoma after 41 years purely for monetary reasons. Funny how everyone can so easily forget what they did to an entire city 4 years ago for NO reason yet we can’t forgive LeBron for 1 mistake he made with “The Decision”, especially since he had every right to leave. O and don’t forget he donated all proceeds from that night, millions, to the Boys & Girls Club, but who cares I guess lol.

At the end of the day I’m glad sports is so much more than that meets the eye. Rivalries & Competition are amazing things that can build great character as long as it’s focused in a positive direction, especially when it comes to our youth. I have no problems with OKC fans and definitely no hatred towards the LeBron haters, I just think it’s funny lol. But that’s my opinion and you’re entitled to yours. May the best city, team, player(s) win. The NBA Finals are here and WE ARE ALL WITNESSES!!!

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